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Subterranean Termite Treatment 

The main goal of termite treatment is to disconnect a planned structure or building from the underlying soil. In Barbados and the Caribbean, there are two approaches to accomplish this separation: the Pre-Construction method and the Post-Construction method.

Termite Treatment

The Pre-Construction Treatment

A pre-treatment or pre-construction treatment is carried out prior to pouring any concrete within the structure that will come into contact with the soil, whether directly or indirectly.


It all begins with the foundation footings. Once the footings have been excavated and made ready for casting, a non-repellent termiticide is applied to the area. This serves as the initial protection against termites that might attempt to enter the building from the soil after the construction is finished.


The second stage of the treatment occurs once the floor slab area has been prepared for casting. Typically, during this stage, the marl-fill is tightly packed until it solidifies. Then, specific amounts of termiticide are applied to the surface, depending on the size of the area.

Once this stage is finished, the contractor or builder will cover the treated slab area with a damp-proof layer. This covering not only prevents rising damp but also locks in the termiticide within the floor.


It is important to mention that if the slab needs to be cut to install a pipe or conduit, please inform us, and we will take the necessary corrective measures for that area. There might be a small fee associated with this.

Not all newly constructed buildings will have a slab floor. Some may have crawlspace areas instead. In such cases, once the floor is in position, we will apply termiticide to the soil near the support columns and perimeter walls.

The third and final treatment will occur after the construction of the house is finished, and the back-fill is placed. We will provide detailed information about this in the Post Construction Treatment section.


post Construction Treatment

A pre-construction termite treatment is more effective than a post-construction termite treatment. When your home is already infested by subterranean termites, the necessary treatment is typically referred to as a post-construction termite treatment.


The post-treatment is not as effective or thorough as the pre-treatment due to the inability to cover 100% of the soil. This limitation arises from the presence of pipes, conduits, and other hard-to-reach areas.

To address termite infestation, a specific procedure is undertaken. Firstly, holes are drilled at regular intervals along the perimeter walls, load-bearing partition walls, and external slab areas. Then, a non-repellent termiticide, such as Termidor or Premise 75, is injected into each of these drilled holes using pressure. Finally, all the holes are sealed and neatly plastered after injection.


Termidor and Premise are non-repellent termiticides that establish an invisible barrier between your home and the termites residing in the subsoil. These products are specifically designed to be undetectable by termites, preventing them from realizing they should steer clear of the treated area.


Forager termites are the first to confront these non-repellent products, which, on the termite's return to the colony, are then shared with the rest of the colony — effectively destroying the entire colony.  Any structure with well-built foundation walls will most likely receive our Five Year Warranty after treatment.

Exceptions to the Five Year Warranty rule may be houses with packed-rock or no foundations at all.

In Conclusion

Termite Treatment, whether pre-construction or post-construction remains one of the most important things to include in any new home construction as it helps to keep out these vile creatures and protect the structure from day one.


It is the least of all components of the building, and it will save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


If you skip the treatment, you leave the home vulnerable to infestation, and the first signs of termite activity can disrupt your peace of mind, and make you regret not making it a top priority at the start of your construction.

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