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When you are a business owner or a property manager, It is most desirable that you ensure that the building and property are well secured and safe from outside influences.


For all such persons, we recommend a well built and sturdy chain link fence.  it is more affordable than many other security fences like guard walls, or even wooden fences.  Installation is quicker and you have the luxury of seeing beyond the fence through the diamond pattern of the fabric. 


A business without a fence is like a magnet for criminals who may want to trespass and vandalize.    A well installed chain link fence can deter this behavior and provide you with peace of mind.

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The Commercial Fence

Increased Security
A chain-link fence however is only part of the solution.  A well-built wrought iron gate will compliment the fence, and enhance the security.

When the gate is locked, not only would it be difficult for an individual to bypass, but any suspicious activity from a person attempting to do so may be more likely to be observed by people in the immediate vicinity.  Your customers will appreciate you more for having effective security features in place. 


Value For Money

A well built ten-foot or eight-foot chain link fence surrounding a commercial building can add  immense value and aesthetics to a property.  It presents an aura of good maintenance.  For instance, unauthorized vehicles will be prevented from driving on to the grass, which in turn  will keep the lawn looking much nicer and healthier. 


The Professional Look

When you have a fence surrounding your property, it gives that professional look. It helps to distinguish your property or building from others in the vicinity, especially if  located in a populated area.


Something as simple as  having the  gate open  will signal to the public that you are ready for business.

At Green's Exterminating & Fencing Inc.  we know the value of good security.   Your insurance providers will recognize that as well by offering you lower premiums. Contact us if you are in the market for a commercial fence.