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Every house or building, whether built or is about to be built in Barbados or anywhere in the Tropics, should be treated against subterranean termites.  Untreated houses that are attacked by termites are the cause of homeowners spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on repairs. 


Trust me, a termite treatment is the least expensive of all the components in the construction of a building.  For instance, the kitchen cupboards, the application of paint or trowel plastic, the lighting, the floor tiles, the bathrooms, even the landscaping, are all more expensive than a termite treatment, and yet most homeowners believe that treating their properties against termites is something that can be done at a later date. 

The best and most successful treatment that can offer you 100% protection, is having the foundation footings and the floor slab areas treated before the casting of the concrete.  This is what is called a pre-construction treatment.  It's the only defense between termites in the subsoil and your home.


Treating a building after construction is a good thing, but it is only  second-best.  This post treatment involves the drilling of perimeter walls, specific partition walls, and the external slab areas, where practical.   With this treatment, the aim is to mimic what is done at the pre-construction stage.  


A third treatment would follow when the house is finally completed, and the back-fill is put in place.  If perchance a walkway is to be constructed, it should be treated before the casting of the concrete.  In the event that there is no walkway, the soil adjacent to the perimeter walls should be trenched and treated.

By building a home in the Tropics, it's only a matter of time before subterranean termites attack unless you have set up the treatment zones between your home and the subsoil.


After the construction of your dream home, you will most certainly need security.  In most cases, you will need an aesthetically pleasing chain link fence, and a well-built wrought iron gate.  You may also need  burglar bars and handrails.


After you take up residency, we could provide treatments for other pests including rats, mice, cockroaches, centipedes, bedbugs, ticks, fleas, ants, and many more.  


We can be truly labeled as a one-stop-shop for the protection of your health and the security of your home.  As our slogan says "Nobody does it better" that Green's Exterminating & Fencing Inc.