Green’s Exterminating & Fencing Inc. is the leading Provider of Pest Control and Fence Installation Services in Barbados.  


The original company Green's Termite Services was started in 1992 under the status of  a Sole Proprietorship.  At that time we concentrated  on providing Pest and Termite Control treatments. 


 In July 2001 Green's Termite Services was Incorporated under our current name.  It was at this time we introduced Chain Link Fencing as a add-on service.


We did it because we  realized that as we providing termite and pest control  treatments to new homeowners,  we were cultivating a  database of customers who would in the future need to secure their homes.


We are an environmentally friendly company using only approved chemicals. 


We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff   who take pride in delivering top quality service whether in the office or in the field

Our aim is to maintain our position of first choice for the Barbadian consumers. 

Our prices are extremely competitive and affordable.

Ewatt Green is the CEO  with over 40 years as a  Pest Management Professional.  A hard working kinda  guy, who after all these years, is still motivated and  dedicated to the company, staff and clients   Today he is in high demand for his skill and knowledge. 

Dolores Green  is our Fencing Coordinator.  She spent a good part of her working life in the  Travel business, until she was persuaded to join Green's Exterminating & Fencing Inc. sometime in 2006, shortly after the Fencing Division was opened.  She is an asset to the company. 

Joy Edwards is the Secretary.  When you call our office  her voice  is the first you will hear.  

For  all the years she has been working for Green's, she has always been punctual.  That by today's standards is quite amazing.    She is polite,  respectful, and is always willing to help.

Kerry Lythcott-Green is the Supervisor  of the Pest and Termite Control Division.   The job of a Pest Management Professional is the only job he has had since leaving School. 

He is well liked by our clients.  He is regularly complimented on his work ethic and his overall attitude.  

Kenroy Joseph leads the team of Fence Technicians.     He is very meticulous  in carrying out installations.  Posts and top rails should be arrow straight .  Probably the best installer on the island

Olekunle Codrington is a Fence Technician and driver.  

Grantley Blunte  works in the Termite  Control Division  as an Injector Technician   He works closely with Kerry in insuring that  all the irrigation holes are well injected and neatly sealed.

Steven Smith , another member of the fencing crew.   He is one of the drivers and technician as well.   Very pleasant and always willing to go the extra mile.